About Us

The Beauty and Soul Experience is a one on one beauty and soul enhancing session tailored specifically for the client. My goal is to motivate women to remember that spark within themselves. Clients should leave this session exuding confidence and soulful beauty from the inside.

Chanel Hopkins

My story began when a friend, who happened to be a MAC artist, encouraged me to bring my raw talent in artistry and technique to the company. It was there where I would begin my journey into the path of being a beauty professional as I began to be groomed in how to find success in the industry.

It wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I stepped out to find and create new opportunities, in an exciting new city.

The experiences I’ve acquired in working in so many different environments allowed my love for the beauty industry to blossom into a passion I could share with the world.

As the requests for my advice and tips on beauty, life, health and entrepreneurship began to over flow, it was then that “The Beauty & Soul Experience” was created.

Time to begin your journey in Beauty and Soul!
Welcome to your new home in professional beauty services, coaching and education.